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The Sports Medicine Department is committed to providing outstanding health care to the student-athletes of Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd and Scripps Colleges. Through the application of our professional knowledge and collective experience, the Sports Medicine Staff will strive to maintain and improve the level of excellence achieved by our student athletes. Care for these individuals, including education, prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation will be carried out in a positive atmosphere where diversity and individual needs are recognized and appreciated. The Sports Medicine Staff, in collaboration with our Team Physicians, the Health Center, and other area health professionals, endeavor to provide proper direction in all areas of physical and mental well-being.

The athletic training room offers a wide variety of services, all for the purpose of tending to the health care of the student athletes of CMS. Prevention, care, management of, and rehabilitation of illness and injury with the goal of returning the athletes to play as quickly and as healthy as possible. The athletic training room will stay open until the last practice of the day is complete and the athletes are cared for.

On weekends, the athletic training room will open 1 hour prior to the earliest reporting time for practices or contests. It will close following the last contest.

As a rule, the busiest times of the day are from 2:30 pm-4:30 pm. Athletes must allow ample time for pre-practice treatments and evaluations. The best times to see the athletic trainers are in the mornings or early afternoons.

The team physicians have clinic in the training room on a weekly basis. Appointments must be made through the athletic trainers.

The athletic training room is located on the first floor of Roberts Pavilion. 

Phone: (909) 607-3248
Fax: (909) 607-8766