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CMS Department of Physical Education

The Colleges require all students to complete three semesters of physical education. Participation on a CMS intercollegiate athletic team will also count towards fulfilling the physical education requirement. All students are expected to complete this requirement during their freshman and sophomore years, except for those excused by the Chair of the Department of Physical Education for medical reasons or because of prior military service.

Registration procedures and deadlines for physical education courses or teams are identical to those of credit courses. Courses offered through other Claremont Colleges may also be elected.

For physical education questions, contact physical education director Randy Town at 

Physical education courses for the remote learning semester include the following:



Carlos Garcia (Coach Carlos)
Real Boxing
3 Sessions per Week
Fitness Only, not for competition 
Phone: (909) 279 7956
Class Description
You will learn Authentic Boxing Skills from a former professional Boxer with 20 years of experience, although non-competitive we use real techniques and the physics of Boxing, and the mental attitude to make the most out of your training.
Class Goals
You are given 3 in Gym sessions Monday Wednesday and Friday at 10 am 5 or 6 pm. You are taught progressively so that you can expect your technique and endurance to go up gradually
In order to pass you are expected to complete at least 20 sessions (Which takes less than 2 months if you show up 3 times per week). When we have trained other Claremont Colleges students in the past they had a great time and it was common that some of them would continue to train after they achieved a passing grade, what they enjoyed the most besides the awesome training was our welcoming community, check out our website for pictures and videos, see you soon! 


Breakdancing/Hip Hop

Don Sevilla (B-Boy Don)
Phone: (562)569-8800

Office Hours: Email to set up appointments via Zoom or phone call.

Course Description
This online course will introduce students to the basic techniques and movements of Breakdancing and various forms Hip Hop Dance. Instructional videos will be sent via email and students will be able to access the pre-recorded choreography at any time. Videos will include a warm up and stretching session along with instructions to choreographed dance routines for students to move in conjunction with. Proper body mechanics, development of coordination, muscle control, and vocabulary/terminology will also be covered in the videos. Although the course will focus primarily on breaking, other Hip Hop styles such as basic Popping and Locking will also be incorporated. The main goal is to try the dances, get a good workout and have fun!” Instructional videos will be sent 1-2 times per week (Typically on Tuesday and/or Thursday). 

Student Learning Outcomes
1. Students will be able to demonstrate basic Breakdance techniques and develop a sense of confidence to execute their dance skills in an informal setting (Dance Cypher).
2. Understand some of the history, vocabulary and context in which Breaking was developed.
3. Students will also reap the physical, emotional and mental benefits of dancing, such as show increased ability in areas of flexibility, musicality, coordination and cardio endurance 

Attendance and Grading
Grading will be based on participation and attendance will be verified through email responses to the videos sent. Once videos have been sent via email, students are to confirm that the videos were received and that the activities were completed in the form of an email response to the instructor. In order to receive a pass/credit for the course, a minimum requirement of 80% of classes must be completed with an email confirmation from the student. 


CATZ/Circuit Training

Jennifer Clark 

Class Description
CATZ is a circuit training class based on whole body workouts in under an hour. In the class you will get strength training and cardio all in one workout (weights can be added if you wish but all workouts will be written to be done with what you have!) All workouts can be done in a small space so it can transfer for wherever you are.

Class Goals
Get fit in a supportive, inclusive environment that supports whatever your starting point is and hopes to build on that. By the end of the class you will know how to write full body workouts for yourself. At the end of the semester it is my hope that we will have a community of people who will support one another through workouts when we return to campus as well!

In order to pass this PE class you need to be in ‘attendance’ for at least 80% of the classes. There will be workouts for 2x/week for the 12 week period. So, in order to pass, you will need to be at 19 of the classes and participate in class ‘discussions’.

Community Expectations
Participate positively in the class. Have fun. Support other people in the class. Everything posted needs to be private, anything shared in our group should be supportive and positive.

Class Meetings
Will be fully determined by survey prior to the class beginning but my hope is to find 1 time a week where we can workout together (it will also be posted online) and the second workout will be done at your leisure. 


Fitness Walking

Kurt Vlasich 

Course Description
This course will be an intermediate level of fitness walking and conditioning.  Each week we will set goals on distance, time, and monitor progress using one of several apps that can be downloaded to your smart phone.  Students will work out on their own time each week, and supply screenshots of their workouts to the instructor by the end of the week.  Each week there will be a mileage minimum to accomplish.  Throughout the semester, several goals will be set for performance.  Goals such as average mile time, incline distance, and total number of miles walked.  All walking will be done on routes that the students feel comfortable with near their home.


Flexibility & Stretching

Kurt Vlasich 

Course Description
This course is a basic introduction to flexibility and stretching.  Students will be expected to follow a guided series of stretches focusing on specific muscle groups provided by the instructor.  Students are expected to spend between 90 to 120 minutes each week stretching.  Stretching will be tracked by submitting a log at the end of every 2 weeks.  Stretching can be done at various times that work best for the student’s personal schedule.


Free Weights

Greg Lonzo 

Course Description
The course will consist of two workouts a week focusing on a full body training plan.  Each workout will take you through a series of strength exercises that will be mostly body weight training with the ability to add weights as available and desired.  In the first few weeks of the semester there will be video demonstrations for the exercises with the workouts.  The goal for the class is to introduce various workout styles throughout the semester and hopefully allow students to develop their own training plan. 

Two Workouts will be sent out to students at the beginning of each week and students will be expected to email instructor with confirmation when each workout is completed.  There will be 24 total workouts (2x/week for 12 weeks) and students will need to complete at least 19 workouts (80%) to receive a pass in the class.  


High-Intesity Interval Training (HIIT) 

Gina Oaks-Garcia 

Course Schedule:

Tuesday/Thursday 10:00am and 11:00am

First HIIT class- September 1, 2020

Last HIIT class- November 19, 2020

Course Description
The online model of my High Intensity Interval Training classes will consist of mostly body weight movement exercises. Some of the workouts can be used with light weights if a student chooses to implement weight or has access to them.

We will do a high amount of reps in short amounts of time to get the heart rate up and cardiovascular endurance going. We rest as needed however get right back into action. The movements are based off of a timer and has built in rest periods throughout the workouts. You will perspire and feel amazing once you conclude each workout. Please be sure to hydrate efficiently, with the general rule of water consumption being half your body weight in ounces a day, plus 20 oz for every hour of rigorous exercise. (ex. Body weight @150 pound= 75 oz of water + 20 oz for 1 hr of exercise= 95 oz).

The workouts will be done in a small area through multiple platforms. Zoom will be the most used platform. Students will be receiving the workouts prior to class starting. Students unable to do the workout during the specific class time must send an email to me upon completion of the workout for accountability.

I am big on positive energy, smiles, and hard workers. Everyone’s fitness level will be at different levels and that’s ok. Your workout is your workout. Just keep moving.

Course Goals and Objectives
To build our cardiovascular endurance, Increase our fitness level throughout the semester, and have fun doing it.

My goal is to provide you with a solid base of physical movements that can be done anywhere at any time. HIIT training keeps your heart rate up and burns more calories in less time. Commons goals of HIIT classes would be defined as:

Weight Loss: Smaller figure and smaller number on the scale

Increase endurance: For people who want to increase their endurance for running and other activities

Gain Muscle and strength: Increase Mass and strength in a single rep max for any given exercise

Lose Fat: You want to see more muscle tone and definition.

If you have specific goals for the class please email me individually and we will come up with more specific plans.



Mitchell Fedorka 

Course Description
Develop cardiovascular fitness while exploring trails and utilizing hiking equipment and safety precautions.

Required Materials
Proper/comfortable hiking attire and shoes. Water bottles and snacks. Fitness tracking and sharing via the free Under Armor Map My Walk App.

Course Guide
Students must submit tracking information for 10 hikes of at least 2 miles each along with journal entries to track cardiovascular fitness and hiking experience for each hike. A Zoom meeting will be held the first and last week of classes. The first week will cover course expectations and information on submitting workout information to instructor. The last week will entail a short final presentation from each student on what their experience with the class has been, as well as providing information about their favorite hike that they have completed during the course.

Class Grading
50% Hike Participation/Journal Submissions (10 Hikes at 10 Points Each)
25% Zoom Participation (2 Zoom Meetings at 25 Points Each)
25% Final Presentation (50 Points) 



Jodie Burton 

Welcome to the jogging class!

You have selected a physical education course that allows you to “work out at a time/day” most convenient for you.

You are expected to work out at least 3 times per week---preferably 45 min---although 30 min is acceptable to pass the class. 

Please complete a log that includes the date of work out, distance ( approx.), and length of time you were jogging.  Please email your log to me every two weeks  

A minimum of 20 logged workouts is required to pass the class.

In the first two weeks of Nov. I will ask you to time yourselves in a 2 mile run----at your own pace---there is no time requirement to complete the run.

Please turn in a minimum of 10 workouts by Sept 30.

My boss wants our grades turned in by Nov 19---please have the work completed by then.

I hope that you will enjoy the flexibility this class gives you.  Work hard---if you have any questions please email me any time.

Have fun ---put in the time. 



Ana Dorrance

Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m.

Course Description
This course introduces the student to a variety of meditation techniques from different traditions, including Mindfulness and light yoga. It will provide an overview of the neuroscience supporting the benefits of individual meditation techniques including reduced stress, better sleep, improved focus, and a sense of well-being. The course will also address common obstacles to meditation as well as approaches to overcoming these obstacles. This class is informed world-class Mindfulness and Meditation courses including the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course.

Learning Outcome

The learning outcome is for the students to attain a toolkit of meditation techniques and to be able to identify which techniques are best suited for them in varying situations (anxiety, focus, lack of sleep, etc.)  An additional outcome is for the student to develop a sustainable personal meditation practice so that they may achieve the benefits desired.


This class is offered on a credit/ no credit basis.  Students must attend 80% of the classes to receive credit for the course.


Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence

Ana Dorrance

Tuesdays, 5:45 p.m.

Course Description
This class is the Search Inside Yourself program, developed by Google, adapted to a one-semester format.  The course facilitates the development of emotional intelligence and mental and emotional resilience. It includes instruction and practice of mindfulness techniques including micro-practices which can be utilized throughout the course of one’s day, as well as supporting neuroscience. This course also includes dyads with other students and journaling.  Emotional intelligence (EI) is now a top-ten skill required in the workplace; core EI skills such as self-awareness, self-management, and empathy are facilitated by mindfulness techniques and practice. 

Learning Outcome

By the end of the course, the goal is to help students thrive and enjoy greater productivity, effectiveness, and well-being in all aspects of their lives.  


This class is offered on a credit/ no credit basis.  Students must attend 80% of the classes to receive credit for the course.



Chanel Murchison

Course Overview
Students will be participating in beginner to intermediate running. The distances for each run will vary between 1.5miles – 3.0miles, with 2 runs assigned per week. The distances for the week will be sent out on Sunday evening. A warm-up/cool-down routine will also be provided for you to complete before and after your runs. Students will have until Friday at 3:00 pm PST to record their times/details of run with myself via email, a document will be provided that you will fill out regarding the details of your run; (ie: how you felt, the type of terrain, and your time.), and copy/paste into an email.

Start of Course: Week of 8/31/20

Grading will be based on timely receipt of the above-mentioned documents. Please be sure to communicate about any accommodations or concerns with Coach Murchison early.       

* Given there are no exams, attendance/participation are key. Lack of either could result in a failing grade* 



John Faranda

Class Description: The sailing class is designed as an introductory course teaching basic terminology, sailing theory, small boat handling and rigging, safety at sea, and navigation rules. It is not appropriate for those who already know basic sailing techniques. The course meets five times during September and October: a two-hour introductory class followed by four eight-hour on-the-water sessions in Newport Beach. The boats used are a Lido 14 and a Catalina 30.

Textbook: Invitation to Sailing by Alan Brown.

Supplies: A 4-foot piece of line for knot-tying; sunglasses; deck shoes; windbreaker, etc.

Prerequisites: The ability to swim and tread water.

Class Goals: The successful participant will have learned enough basics to feel comfortable chartering a small daysailer or crewing on a larger vessel.

Grading: Grading is based on enthusiastic participation in all five class sessions. Missing more than one session will result in a no-credit grade.



Complete 5 lectures and pool sessions and 6 open water dive to be an SSI Level 1 Diver. If students are Southern California residents, they will be able to do their pool sessions at our facility. SSA can provide transportation to our facility just south of the colleges.  Please download our free app MYSSI on your app store to get started. 

Class Sessions: All academic sessions are webinars. The classes are scheduled throughout the month and they are able to choose from a multitude of dates and times to take their academics. The texts and videos are on their custom application, which they have received free. The app is available from the Apple Store or Google Playstore.

Pool Sessions: Pool sessions are scheduled when the student can make it into our facility or the scuba facility near their hometown. We will contact the facility of their choice to make the arrangements for their pool sessions.

Open Water Program: Complete 5 lectures and pool sessions and 6 open water dive to be an SSI Level 1 Diver. If students are Southern California residents, they will be able to do their pool sessions at our facility. SSA can provide transportation to our facility just south of the colleges.  Please download our free app MYSSI on your app store to get started. 

Advanced Open Water Program: Complete 5 lectures and two pool sessions and then required dives for at least 4 of the advanced specialties. SSI Navigation, SSI Deep Diver, SSI Perfect Buoyancy, SSI Night Diving. A minimum of 24 logged dives is required to attain the coveted SSI Advanced Open Water Diver Certification.

Free Diving Program: Complete 3 lectures and 3 pools with our Free Diving Instructor and you are off into the Pacific training to do your free dives safely up to 30 feet, 10 meters.


Speed & Agility Training

Glenn Stewart

Monday/Wednesday: 4-5 p.m.

Course Description
PE017 teaches the beginning concepts of speed and agility training as a way to be faster and most explosively agile. Instruction includes practice in fundamental techniques, of running and mobility, dynamic agility, and power plyometrics. Students learn fundamental warm-up and cool-down techniques, running fundamentals, and basic philosophy of how to get faster and more dynamically agile.

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the required course work, the student will be able to:

1) Complete a dynamic warmup
2) Achieve a higher level of physical fitness
    a. leg and arm strength
    b. cardiorespiratory fitness
3) Show improved running form

Student Success
To maintain a positive learning environment for all students, please adhere to the following classroom expectations:

* Follow the course syllabus. It is the responsibility of each student to understand class expectations and read the syllabus prior to each class session.
* Courteously and respectfully listen to other students' opinions and questions.
* Be prepared for each class session. Bring shorts/sweats, shirt/sweatshirt, shoes. (Athletic Gear)
* Participation


Stationary Bike

Lauren Uhr

Course Description
Depending on the type of stationary bike you have access to, the class will either ride together via an online platform and support each other virtually on the ride, or participant can record their individual workout on a fitness app platform and log their workout.  The class can be adjusted to riding outside as well.  The class will look to develop healthy and sustainable habits and will keep students accountable throughout the semester.  Class times and days will be arranged in a synchronous/asynchronous schedule.

Equipment needed
Peloton bike or similar. MTB or road bike can also be used.


Swim Conditioning

Charles Griffiths

Course Description
The goal of the Arranged Swim Conditioning class is for you to improve your swimming skills and conditioning. In order to complete the class you will need access to a lap pool in your area. The course expectation is to complete 27 swimming sessions of 45 minutes each over the course of the semester, ideally swimming 2 to 3 times per week on your own schedule. Class goals will be individualized based on your aquatic background and fitness level.


Walking for Wellness (M, W – 11 am-11:55)

Instructor: Marina Muncan 

Contact Information: 

Course Description: Regular walking is a healthy habit that comes with a multitude of benefits. Walking can – reduce your risk of heart disease, improve your blood pressure, enhance your mental well-being, strengthen your bones, assist in lessening feelings of overwhelm and help to calm negative emotions, improve sleep.

Walking for Wellness is appropriate for students of all fitness levels and is a great way to maintain a moderately active lifestyle.  

Throughout this course, students participate in a weekly fitness program involving walking and flexibility.

Class Goals: Students will be introduced to walking as a simple fitness with the aim of improving overall health and wellness. We will slowly build fitness through easy consistent walking workouts. We will also learn how to properly warm up before and cool down after engaging in any type of physical activity. 

Grading: In order to earn a passing grade, students must attend a minimum of 80% of classes.


Weights (Advanced)

Ken Scalmanini

Course Description
An individually paced workout program for your physical fitness


  • 9 workout weeks with 3 workouts each week. Total of 27 workouts. Workouts need to be at least 30 minutes in duration but can be longer.
  • You need to send me an email every two weeks.  If there is no communication every two weeks, I will presume you have dropped the course. In your email I need days and times of each workout and a brief description on what you did that workout. (Honor Code)
  • Since having access to weights may be difficult, you simply need to stay active for 30 minutes. It’s preferred to use weights, but you may walk/jog in place, sit-ups, push-ups, jump on 1 leg, jump on 2 legs, lunges, squats, or any exercise where you are active will count. 
  • Please be safe and let me know if there are any questions/concerns. During these challenging times staying active is important and also very good for you.  



Jodie Burton 

Welcome to the wts/fitness class!

You have selected a physical education class that allows you to work out at a time/day most convenient for you.

You are expected to work out 3 times per week.---30-45 minutes per workout.

You have the option of selecting a workout on a site that you like---many of them out there, creating your own, or doing one of the workouts that I will email you. My workouts will be bodyweight exercises.

20 logged workouts are required to pass this class.

You can choose to do all cardio, all weights, or a combination of both for each workout.

My grades are due to my boss  Nov 19---please have your work completed by then

Do the work---put in the time---Have fun

Email me any time with your questions. 



Tracy Brennan

Course Description
Build strength and flexibility through yoga postures while focusing on reducing stress.  Classes are supportive, inclusive and options for all levels and body types will be given with care and clear instruction.  By the end of the class, you will have a sense of which body parts you can work to balance and improve body awareness through conscious movement.  At the end of the semester, it is my hope that we will have a community of people who will support one another by showing up and connecting with others to improve their overall sense of wellness. 

In order to pass this PE class, you need to be in ‘attendance’ for at least 80% of the classes. You can attend online classes 2x/week for the 12 week period. So, in order to pass, you will need to attend 19 of the classes and participate in class.

Community Expectations
Participate positively in the class. Have fun. Support other people in the class. Everything posted needs to be private, anything shared in our group should be supportive and positive.

Class Meetings
You will be able to participate online with zoom and practice in your own space while encouraging others to show up

PE: Yoga Class Goals
This class is intended to teach physical poses that build strength, awareness of breath and when practiced regularly can help improve mental and physical health.  At the end of the semester, each student will have worked through a variety of poses and breathing techniques planned out with the instructor weekly.  You will be able to create your own plan for health and wellness.