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CMS Wall of Fame Winners by Sport

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 Lacrosse | Soccer | Softball | Swimming | Tennis
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Updated July 14, 2023

Academic Criteria: Graduated with a 3.0 or better GPA
Athletic Criteria:
Selected First Team All-SCIAC (or better) during athletic career 

Baseball Wall of Fame
Sport(s) Name Class Coll.
Baseball Roger Brandon 71 CMC
Baseball Don Lewis 72 CMC
Baseball (Basketball) David Wells 72 CMC
Baseball Bill Mills 73 CMC
Baseball Steve Lopez 75 CMC
Baseball Ed Matta 76 CMC
Baseball Wynnsan Moore 76 CMC
Baseball Andy Roundtree 76 CMC
Baseball Robert Turek, Jr. 76 CMC
Baseball Mark Stott 78 CMC
Baseball Mitch Katlin 79 CMC
Baseball Michael Williams 81 CMC
Baseball Pete Roderique 85 CMC
Baseball Larry Schmadeka 87 CMC
Baseball Brent Uken 87 CMC
Baseball Bryan Coin 96 HMC
Baseball Karl Bracken 97 CMC
Baseball Joe Whitlach 97 CMC
Baseball Steve Uejio 00 CMC
Baseball Eric Yamamoto 03 CMC
Baseball Tyler Kimura 04 CMC
Baseball Kyle Seminara 06 CMC
Baseball Morgan Cummins 07 CMC
Baseball David Noble 08 CMC
Baseball Andrew Blomberg 09 CMC
Baseball Steven Dannaway 10 CMC
Baseball Alex Sunderland 11 CMC
Baseball Jason Rehhaut 12 CMC
Baseball Scott Witte 14 CMC
Baseball Zach Clarke 20 CMC
Baseball Justin Hull 20 CMC
Baseball Patrick Gavin 21 CMC


Basketball Wall of Fame
Sport(s) Name Class Coll.
Basketball Nat Baumer 72 CMC
Basketball (Baseball) David Wells 72 CMC
Basketball Dale Donohoe 85 CMC
Basketball Mark Sisson 86 CMC
Basketball (Volleyball) Julia Hodgkins 88 Scripps
Basketball Henry Albrecht 91 CMC
Basketball Karen Marinko 94 CMC
Basketball Amy Cleveland 95 CMC
Basketball Kevin Zitar 96 CMC
Basketball Brian D. Smith 99 CMC
Basketball Jeremy Vandervoet 99 CMC
Basketball Felicia Davis 01 CMC
Basketball Aubrey Edgmon 01 CMC
Basketball Rebekah Chee 02 CMC
Basketball Robert Donlan 02 CMC
Basketball William "B.J." Jameson 02 CMC
Basketball Colleen Donlan 03 CMC
Basketball Miles Taylor 06 CMC
Basketball Lana Young 07 CMC
Basketball Chris Blees 11 CMC
Basketball Aria Krumwiede 12 CMC
Basketball Frannie Hemmelgarn 13 CMC
Basketball Cody Mivshek 13 CMC
Basketball Madeline Barnes 14 Scripps
Basketball Tyler Gaffaney 14 CMC
Basketball Remy Pinson 14 CMC
Basketball Kimberly Scamman 15 CMC
Basketball Kristen Brackmann 17 CMC
Basketball Johanna Dungca 17 CMC
Basketball Kendrick Morris 18 CMC
Basketball  Michael Scarlett 18 CMC
Basketball Kailee Severt 18 CMC
Basketball Lindsey Cleary 20 CMC
Basketball Maya Love 20 CMC
Basketball Josh Angle 23 CMC
Basketball Rhett Carter 23 CMC
Basketball Brian Kenyon 23 CMC
Basketball Kiran Kruse 23 CMC
Basketball Ariana Dalia 23 CGU


Cross Country Wall of Fame
Sport(s) Name Class Coll.
Cross Country (Track) Ed Laughton 62 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Pat Conroy 72 CMC
Cross Country Terry Chappell 72 HMC
Cross Country Carol Patejdl 79 Scripps
Cross Country Paul Cronin 80 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Mary Tracey 81 CMC
Cross Country Mari Carisetti 84 Scripps
Cross Country (Track) Cynthia Nagle 85 Scripps
Cross Country Wendy Wallace 85 Scripps
Cross Country Ann Scott 86 Scripps
Cross Country Michael Scott 89 HMC
Cross Country Eric Blum 90 CMC
Cross Country Cheryl Bonner 90 CMC
Cross Country (Track) John Dennis 90 HMC
Cross Country Rhoda Roberts 90 CMC
Cross Country David Maurice 91 HMC
Cross Country Ashley Orton 91 CMC
Cross Country Diane Pettit 91 CMC
Cross Country Carol Wawrukiewicz 91 HMC
Cross Country (Track) Brian Barnes 92 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Brad Aagaard 94 HMC
Cross Country (Track) Jason Rhodes 94 HMC
Cross Country Charlie Stoddard 94 CMC
Cross Country Sarah Gerard 96 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Matt Newman 96 HMC
Cross Country Shoshana Ziblatt 96 Scripps
Cross Country Gretchen Sauer 97 CMC
Cross Country Louise Tench 97 Scripps
Cross Country (Track) Walter Voegtli 97 HMC
Cross Country Jennifer Stuart 98 CMC
Cross Country James Uwins 98 CMC
Cross Country Pavla Dusek 99 CMC
Cross Country Jeff Liebert 99 HMC
Cross Country Nicole Scheunemann 99 Scripps
Cross Country Steve Alves 00 HMC
Cross Country Sedina Banks 00 CMC
Cross Country Brandi Page 00 CMC
Cross Country Elisha Peterson 00 HMC
Cross Country David Boland 01 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Blaine Hunt 01 CMC
Cross Country Eli Klovee-Smith 01 CMC
Cross Country Karl Mahlburg 01 HMC
Cross Country (Track) Andrea Haver 02 CMC
Cross Country (Track) David Juiliano 02 CMC
Cross Country Megan Olson 02 CMC
Cross Country Danae Wright 02 HMC
Cross Country (Track) Will Berriel 03 HMC
Cross Country Amy Foss 03 CMC
Cross Country Ellie Irons 03 Scripps
Cross Country Nathan Kurtz 03 CMC
Cross Country Matthew MacLeod 03 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Patrick McGrail 03 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Sarah Alaei 04 CMC
Cross Country Kevin Andrew 04 HMC
Cross Country Angela Jacquez 04 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Kim Sonne 06 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Elizabeth Tedsen 06 CMC
Cross Country Lindsay Burt 07 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Dan Hayman 07 CMC
Cross Country Katie Mouzakis 07 HMC
Cross Country Amy Berg 08 CMC
Cross Country Adam Coleman 08 CMC
Cross Country Bradley Johnson 08 CMC
Cross Country Sarah McFadden 08 CMC
Cross Country Chris Gurney 09 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Kathleen Harris 09 Scripps
Cross Country Brittany Nunnink 09 Scripps
Cross Country (Track) Evelyn Ross 09 Scripps
Cross Country Michael Van Antwerp 09 HMC
Cross Country (Track) Florian Scheulen 10 HMC
Cross Country (Track) Kris Brown 11 CMC
Cross Country Georgi Dinolov 11 HMC
Cross Country Brian Kopczynski 11 CMC
Cross Country Kramer Straube 11 CMC
Cross Country Bryan Chow 12 HMC
Cross Country (Track) Breanna Deutsch 12 Scripps
Cross Country Julia Rigby 12 Scripps
Cross Country Jennifer Tavé 12 Scripps
Cross Country (Track) Rafer Dannenhauer 13 HMC
Cross Country Marnie Hogue 13 Scripps
Cross Country (Track) Bennett Naden 13 HMC
Cross Country (Track) Brian Sutter 13 CMC
Cross Country Aubrey Zimmerling 13 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Allison Barnwell 14 CMC
Cross Country Lisa Beem 14 Scripps
Cross Country (Track) Jonathan Briskman 14 CMC
Cross Country Adele Eslinger 14 CMC
Cross Country Laura Sauvage 14 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Justin Jones 15 HMC
Cross Country (Track) Madison Knaub 15 CMC
Cross Country Alex Mauro 15 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Sara Mostatabi 15 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Kaitlyn Spees 15 Scripps
Cross Country (Track) Bridget Blum 16 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Zorg Loustalet 16 HMC
Cross Country (Track) Evan Molineux 16 CMC
Cross Country Jackman Wilson 16 CMC
Cross Country Caroline Willian 17 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Kyle Lund 17 HMC
Cross Country (Track) Joshua Sealand 17 HMC
Cross Country Laura Broderick 18 Scripps
Cross Country Roselyn Cantu 18 CMC
Cross Country Kevin Huang 18 HMC
Cross Country (Track) Kyleigh Mann  18 CMC
Cross Country (Track) Bryn McKillop 18 Scripps
Cross Country Natalie Marsh 19 Scripps
Cross Country Malea Martin 19 CMC
Cross Country Thomas D'Anieri 20 CMC
Cross Country  Wilson Ives 20 CMC
Cross Country Olivia Gleason 21 Scripps
Cross Country Dulcie Jones 21 Scripps
Cross Country  Stevie Steinberg 22 HMC
Cross Country Emily Clarke 22 Scripps
Cross Country Sophie Gitlin 22 CMC
Cross Country Riley Harmon 22 Scripps
Cross Country Abigail Johnson 22 Scripps
Cross Country Meredith Bloss 23 HMC
Cross Country Anika Kimme 23 CMC
Cross Country Miles Christensen 23 HMC
Cross Country Henry Pick 23 HMC


Diving Wall of Fame
Sport(s) Name Class Coll.
Diving Pam Tanase 88 CMC
Diving Elena Goss 96 Scripps
Diving Julie Sutor 97 HMC
Diving Rachel Pickens 01 CMC
Diving Mark Emanuel 07 HMC
Diving Monica Emanuel 08 CMC
Diving Eric Moorhead 08 CMC
Diving (Track & Field) Carmen Lundell 13 CMC
Diving James Stevick 15 CMC
Diving Carli Lessard 17 HMC
Diving Maia Presti 18 Scripps
Diving Kendall Hollimon 20 CMC


Football Wall of Fame
Sport(s) Name Class Coll.
Football John Whitney 66 CMC
Football George Saunders, Jr. 67 CMC
Football Gregory Long 70 CMC
Football Steve Endemano 71 HMC
Football Chris Stecher 73 CMC
Football Samuel Reece 74 CMC
Football Tim Baker 80 CMC
Football Eric Jenican 80 CMC
Football Jim Haynie, III 82 CMC
Football Charlie Klinge 82 CMC
Football Arch Zellick 82 CMC
Football Bill McColl 84 CMC
Football Mark Hoyt 88 CMC
Football Mike McCorkle 90 CMC
Football Thomas Walden 93 CMC
Football John Yull 93 CMC
Football Mike Cook 97 CMC
Football Edward Dickman 98 CMC
Football Brice Calkins 00 HMC
Football Dan Cella 00 CMC
Football John Filson 01 CMC
Football R.C. Harlan 01 CMC
Football Ben Baumer 02 CMC
Football Alan Kaplan 02 CMC
Football Michael McHorney 02 CMC
Football Ryan Gocong 03 CMC
Football Michael Avent 04 CMC
Football David Hong 04 CMC
Football Ryan Kunzi 04 CMC
Football Michael Gomez 07 CMC
Football Jeff Manassero 07 HMC
Football D.J. Lillard 10 CMC
Football Brock Olson 10 CMC
Football Matt Pautler 11 CMC
Football Ben Salzman 12 CMC
Football Max Winsberg 15 CMC
Football Austin Crist 16 CMC
Football Patrick Dixon 17 CMC
Football Victor Bunce 18 CMC
Football Chris Czielsa 18 CMC
Football Brendan MacDonald 18 CMC
Football Mitchell Allan 19 CMC
Football Brian Wahl 19 CMC
Football Garrett Cheadle 20 HMC
Football Jordan Leonard 21 CMC
Football Jacob Lyle 21 CMC
Football Dylan Porter 22 CMC
Football Will Smith 22 CMC
Football Ben Cooney 22 CMC
Football Michael Colangelo 23 CMC
Football Kamarion Porter 23 HMC
Football Stiles Satterlee 23 CMC


Golf Wall of Fame
Sport(s) Name Class Coll.
Golf Craig Dodell 68 CMC
Golf Dick Freeman 70 CMC
Golf Bill Pharr 74 CMC
Golf Gerry Sanoff 76 CMC
Golf Geoff Russell 84 CMC
Golf Richard Fox 89 CMC
Golf Frederic Wisinger 90 CMC
Golf Tom Isaak 91 CMC
Golf J.B. Broms 93 CMC
Golf Greg Walsh 95 CMC
Golf Ryan Bogan 97 CMC
Golf Stan Watkins 97 CMC
Golf Adam Robison 99 CMC
Golf Justin Meno 01 CMC
Golf John Fischer 02 CMC
Golf Avinash Khitri 02 CMC
Golf Colin Read 06 CMC
Golf Luke Redfern 08 CMC
Golf John Morris 10 CMC
Golf Lauren Buchanan 12 CMC
Golf Tain Lee 12 CMC
Golf Maya Reddy 14 CMC
Golf Brad Shigezawa 14 CMC
Golf Ben Ho 15 CMC
Golf Shaina Raskin 15 Scripps
Golf Marissa Suehiro 15 CMC
Golf Kethan Reddy 16 CMC
Golf Johnny Brandt 18 CMC
Golf Jonathan Shaw 18 CMC
Golf Margaret Loncki 18 CMC
Golf Alex Wrenn 19 CMC
Golf Kelly Ransom 19 CMC
Golf Emma Kang 20 CMC
Golf Taylor Hughes 20 CMC
Golf Emily Attiyeh 21 CMC
Golf Mira Yoo 21 CMC
Golf Ken Kong 21 CMC
Golf Vikram Chatterjee 23 CMC
Golf Adrian Chiu 23 CMC
Golf Will Parker 23 CMC


Lacrosse Wall of Fame
Sport(s) Name Class Coll.
Lacrosse  Kristen Huff 07 HMC
Lacrosse Mallory Singer 07 Scripps
Lacrosse Lindsay Gaesser 08 CMC
Lacrosse Olivia Rotondi 08 CMC
Lacrosse Callae Snively 08 CMC
Lacrosse Kristen Steenerson 08 CMC
Lacrosse Courtney Cronin 09 CMC
Lacrosse Colbi Brawner 10 Scripps
Lacrosse Devon Scott 10 Scripps
Lacrosse Shelly Sheinbein 10 CMC
Lacrosse Katie Campbell-Morrison 11 Scripps
Lacrosse Sarah Dick 11 CMC
Lacrosse (Soccer) Laura Hagen 11 CMC
Lacrosse Molly Murtaugh 11 CMC
Lacrosse Ali Abramovitz 12 CMC
Lacrosse Jane Eberts 12 Scripps
Lacrosse Rachel Darby 13 Scripps
Lacrosse (Soccer) Madison Shove 13 Scripps
Lacrosse Erin Larsen 16 CMC
Lacrosse Cara Cancelmo 17 CMC
Lacrosse Lauren Clubb 18 CMC
Lacrosse Mikaela Connell 18 CMC
Lacrosse Katherine Hill 18 CMC
Lacrosse Evan Murphy 18 CMC
Lacrosse Corie Hack 19 CMC
Lacrosse Allie Hill 20 CMC
Lacrosse Zoe Ryan 20 HMC
Lacrosse Emily Cohen 20 CMC
Lacrosse Sally Abel 21 CMC
Lacrosse Alex Futterman 22 CMC
Lacrosse Maisy Mills 22 CMC
Lacrosse Emme McMullen 23 HMC


Soccer Wall of Fame
Sport(s) Name Class Coll.
Soccer Mike Tauszig 69 HMC
Soccer John Elliott 70 CMC
Soccer Tom Lundy 70 CMC
Soccer Armando Araujo 72 CMC
Soccer Arthur Ho 72 CMC
Soccer Francisco Avelar 74 CMC
Soccer Conrad Creasey 76 CMC
Soccer Roberto Munoz 77 CMC
Soccer William "BJ" Fair 84 CMC
Soccer Timothy Clyde 85 CMC
Soccer Todd Shrader 86 CMC
Soccer Michael Thomas 86 CMC
Soccer Robyn Hollingshead 89 Scripps
Soccer Darin Taylor 89 CMC
Soccer Steve Goodson 90 HMC
Soccer Nicole Petrich 90 CMC
Soccer Mark Whittle 90 CMC
Soccer Peter Quies 92 CMC
Soccer Gregg Vanourek 92 CMC
Soccer Steve Barbarich 93 HMC
Soccer Wendy Cole 93 CMC
Soccer Chad Noyes 93 CMC
Soccer Karen Tiegel 93 CMC
Soccer Maril Davis 94 Scripps
Soccer (Softball) Elizabeth Koenn 94 Scripps
Soccer Peter Malishka 94 CMC
Soccer Corwin Senko 94 CMC
Soccer Danielle Dean 95 Scripps
Soccer Greg Keese 95 CMC
Soccer Melissa Perkins 95 CMC
Soccer Sharie Swatik 95 CMC
Soccer (Track & Field) Allison Pinto 96 CMC
Soccer Eric Wilson 96 CMC
Soccer Kate Percell 99 CMC
Soccer (Track & Field) Indira Odamtten 00 Scripps
Soccer Samir Singh 00 CMC
Soccer Shera Teitge 00 CMC
Soccer Andrew Van Orden 00 CMC
Soccer Erin Falconer 01 CMC
Soccer Alejandro "Alex" Castillo 02 CMC
Soccer Trevor Mutch 02 CMC
Soccer Micah Sadoyama 02 CMC
Soccer Jamey Harding 03 CMC
Soccer Eric Henderson 03 CMC
Soccer Jordan Lopez 03 CMC
Soccer Shelly Suzuki 04 CMC
Soccer Brandice Thompson 04 CMC
Soccer David Gilbert 05 CMC
Soccer Eric Henderson 05 CMC
Soccer Petra Kowalski 05 CMC
Soccer Michelle Daley 06 CMC
Soccer Ina Labermeier 06 CMC
Soccer Sara Solis 06 CMC
Soccer George Swaner 06 CMC
Soccer Nicole Esclamado 07 HMC
Soccer Ian Norville 07 CMC
Soccer Megan Kum 08 Scripps
Soccer Patrick Morrison 08 CMC
Soccer Brittney Watson 09 CMC
Soccer Camila Friedman-Gerlicz 10 CMC
Soccer Giselle Galanto 10 CMC
Soccer Nicole Sady-Kennedy 10 CMC
Soccer Tomislav Zbozinek 10 CMC
Soccer Stefanie Chan 11 CMC
Soccer Marshall Fisher 11 CMC
Soccer (Lacrosse) Laura Hagen 11 CMC
Soccer Michael Nguyentat 11 CMC
Soccer Rosa Ahn 12 Scripps
Soccer Sam Ullman 12 Scripps
Soccer Annie Belanger 13 CMC
Soccer Harrison Doyle 13 CMC
Soccer (Lacrosse) Madison Shove 13 Scripps
Soccer David Taylor 13 CMC
Soccer Daniel Price 14 CMC
Soccer Shaundra Ullman 14 CMC
Soccer Jaison Kimura 15 CMC
Soccer Samantha Kunz 15 CMC
Soccer Sara Tweedy 15 HMC
Soccer Michael Crowley 17 CMC
Soccer Makella Brems 17 CMC
Soccer Katelyn Faust 17 CMC
Soccer Jacey Coniff 18 HMC
Soccer Sarah Malott 19 CMC
Soccer Rhiann Holman 20 CMC
Soccer Adam Singer 20 CMC
Soccer William Birchard 21 CMC
Soccer Gracyn Buenconsejo 22 HMC
Soccer Will Barton 22 CMC
Soccer Eduardo De Anda 22 HMC
Soccer Nate Huntington 22 CMC
Soccer Samay Rahim 22 CMC
Soccer Justin Blachman 23 CMC


Softball Wall of Fame
Sport(s) Name Clas Coll.
Softball Eve Erickson 94 Scripps
Softball (Soccer) Elizabeth Koenn 94 Scripps
Softball Kim Jones 95 Scripps
Softball Lynn Nakamura 95 HMC
Softball Daniella Hugelshofer 97 CMC
Softball Alisa Te Struth 99 CMC
Softball Elizabeth Houchin 00 CMC
Softball Tiffany Kuraoka 00 CMC
Softball Kristine Zoch 00 CMC
Softball Kelly France 03 Scripps
Softball Ashley Fricks 04 CMC
Softball Deena Opp 06 Scripps
Softball Kirstin Wilson 06 Scripps
Softball Jessica Vaughn 09 Scripps
Softball Michelle Harvey 11 CMC
Softball Melissa Munoz 11 Scripps
Softball Katerina Yale 11 CMC
Softball Amanda Banducci 12 CMC
Softball Rebecca Gularte 12 Scripps
Softball Rebecca King 12 Scripps
Softball Emily Lopez 12 CMC
Softball Megan Morris 12 CMC
Softball Harmony Palmer 13 CMC
Softball Tara Robingon 16 CMC
Softball Katie Savard 16 CMC
Softball Anna Gurr 18 CMC
Softball Briana Halle 18 CMC
Softball Chloe Amarilla 19 CMC
Softball Megan Perron 21 CMC
Softball Kawai Scanlan 21 Scripps
Softball Molly Spaniac 21 CMC
Softball Maddie Valdez 21 CMC
Softball Lauren Richards 22 CMC


Swimming Wall of Fame
Sport(s) Name Class Coll.
Swimming (Water Polo) Karl Graeber 69 CMC
Swimming Joe Busch, III 70 CMC
Swimming Eric "Rick" James 70 CMC
Swimming David Tempkin 72 CMC
Swimming (Water Polo) Richard Esterkin 73 CMC
Swimming Dan Kalman 74 HMC
Swimming Barry McCown 74 CMC
Swimming Scott Lichtig 75 CMC
Swimming Barry McCown 75 CMC
Swimming Myles "Bo" Schoenfield 75 CMC
Swimming Tom Kolepp 76 CMC
Swimming (Water Polo) Jack Pearce 76 CMC
Swimming Mike Blatt 77 CMC
Swimming Jon Gudman 77 CMC
Swimming Herb Bowman 80 CMC
Swimming Brett Eppich 82 Scripps
Swimming Carol "Cokey" Gilbert 82 Scripps
Swimming Ginger Gearhart 83 Scripps
Swimming Jim Rozycki 83 CMC
Swimming Nick Bagatelos 86 CMC
Swimming Ned Busch 86 CMC
Swimming (Water Polo) Erik Jensen 89 CMC
Swimming Eric Ryba 87 HMC
Swimming Lorry Lynn 88 Scripps
Swimming Ed Smith 88 CMC
Swimming Garrett Martin 89 CMC
Swimming Kirk Peacock 90 CMC
Swimming Kate Beeson 91 Scripps
Swimming Paul Daigle 92 CMC
Swimming Rebecca Hebert 92 Scripps
Swimming Mike Tolfree 92 CMC
Swimming Julia Altrocchi 93 CMC
Swimming Erik Zech 93 CMC
Swimming Jennifer See 94 CMC
Swimming Mike Eberhardt 96 CMC
Swimming Chris Derr 97 CMC
Swimming Margaret Wang 97 CMC
Swimming Shelly Fujikawa 98 HMC
Swimming Taryn Kelly 98 Scripps
Swimming Tyler Olson 98 CMC
Swimming Brian Ruark 98 CMC
Swimming Diane McGimsey 99 CMC
Swimming Kris Jurka 00 HMC
Swimming Catherine Norris 00 Scripps
Swimming Garret Yamaguchi 01 CMC
Swimming Patrick Crowley 02 CMC
Swimming Suzanne Nicoletti 02 CMC
Swimming (Water Polo) Lauren Williams 02 CMC
Swimming Cassi Wright 03 CMC
Swimming Ryan Carpenter 04 HMC
Swimming Clare Hudson 05 CMC
Swimming Michelle Phillips 05 CMC
Swimming Kelci Barnes 06 CMC
Swimming Linh Luong 06 CMC
Swimming Christian Wolfgruber 06 CMC
Swimming Amy Fuller 07 CMC
Swimming Lauren Kristensen 07 CMC
Swimming (Water Polo) Lisal Smith 07 CMC
Swimming Erica Anderson 08 CMC
Swimming Sarah Heine 08 CMC
Swimming Tyler Owens 08 CMC
Swimming Alissa Sole 08 CMC
Swimming Danielle Peebles 09 CMC
Swimming (Water Polo) Kendall Snyder 09 CMC
Swimming Jordan Stewart 09 CMC
Swimming Ryan Toohey 09 CMC
Swimming Carliann Brashier 11 CMC
Swimming Tessa Dover 11 CMC
Swimming Nick Ostreim 11 CMC
Swimming Annie Perizzolo 11 CMC
Swimming Jenni Rinker 11 HMC
Swimming Heidi Wolfgruber 11 CMC
Swimming Katie Bilotti 12 CMC
Swimming Whitney Dawson 12 CMC
Swimming Austin Hallett 12 CMC
Swimming Emma Jones 12 CMC
Swimming Vincent Pai 12 HMC
Swimming Jordan Lieberman 13 CMC
Swimming Emily Ott 13 CMC
Swimming Blake Weber 13 CMC
Swimming Annika Jessen 14 CMC
Swimming Michele Kee 14 CMC
Swimming Helen Liu 14 CMC
Swimming Brett Berger 15 HMC
Swimming LillyBelle Deer 15 CMC
Swimming Louisa Dunwiddie 15 CMC
Swimming Alex Mendoza 15 CMC
Swimming Patrick Shultz 15 CMC
Swimming Cameron Whiting 15 CMC
Swimming Joseph Hinton 16 CMC
Swimming Alex Poltash 16 CMC
Swimming Matthew Valentine 16 HMC
Swimming Graham Spurzem 17 CMC
Swimming Stephanie Doi 17 CMC
Swimming Emily McKinnon 17 CMC
Swimming Kelly Ngo 17 CMC
Swimming Matt Williams 17 CMC
Swimming Patrick Quarberg 18 CMC
Swimming Elizabeth Carrade 18 CMC
Swimming Lorea Gwo 18 CMC
Swimming John Everett 19 CMC
Swimming Aaron Lutzker 19 HMC
Swimming Claire Bacon-Brenes 20 Scripps
Swimming Jocelyn Crawford 20 CMC
Swimming Ivy Chen 20 HMC
Swimming Ben Culberson  20 CMC
Swimming Henry Limm 20 HMC
Swimming Mia Syme 21 CMC
Swimming Ava Sealander 22 Scripps
Swimming Marco Conati 22 HMC
Swimming Ella Blake 23 HMC
Swimming Gracey Hiebert 23 HMC
Swimming Augusta Lewis 23 CMC
Swimming Jameson Mitchum 23 CMC


Tennis Wall of Fame
Sport(s) Name Class Coll.
Tennis Robertson "Corey" Scott, Jr. 69 CMC
Tennis Eric Cooley 72 CMC
Tennis Ted Cox 72 HMC
Tennis Dave Waterhouse 75 CMC
Tennis Jon Blomberg 76 CMC
Tennis Richard Dorman 79 CMC
Tennis Athan "AJ" Shaka 80 HMC
Tennis Derek Werner 80 CMC
Tennis Suzanne Horenstein 82 CMC
Tennis Bob Mullen 82 CMC
Tennis Jeff Gamer 84 CMC
Tennis Roxanne "Dee Dee" Paige 84 Scripps
Tennis Mark Nys 85 CMC
Tennis Debra Wilson 85 CMC
Tennis Frank Hinman 88 CMC
Tennis Suzanne Katleman 88 CMC
Tennis John Rende 89 CMC
Tennis Mari Uchida 89 CMC
Tennis Andrew Chekian 90 CMC
Tennis Lance Au 91 CMC
Tennis Chris Noyes 92 CMC
Tennis Julie Keeler 93 Scripps
Tennis Vicky Colf 95 HMC
Tennis Tran Nguyen 95 CMC
Tennis Chris Sadayasu 95 CMC
Tennis Ria Gost 96 Scripps
Tennis Ivan Zinn 96 CMC
Tennis Julie Kirkpatrick 98 Scripps
Tennis Kristopher Burrell 99 CMC
Tennis Blair Rubenstein 01 CMC
Tennis Kenneth "Locky" Chambers 02 CMC
Tennis Rebecca Dutton 03 CMC
Tennis Zachary Myers 03 CMC
Tennis John Michael Cham-A-Koon 04 CMC
Tennis Jeannine Liang 06 CMC
Tennis Eric Chow 07 CMC
Tennis William Ellison 07 CMC
Tennis Yasmin Entekhabi 08 CMC
Tennis Elisa La Cava 09 CMC
Tennis Larry Wang 09 CMC
Tennis Mikey Lim 10 CMC
Tennis Eric MacColl 10 CMC
Tennis Alex Johnson 13 CMC
Tennis Alex Lane 13 CMC
Tennis Kristin Lim 13 CMC
Tennis Jaclyn Smrecek 13 Scripps
Tennis Crystal Lim 14 CMC
Tennis Joe Dorn 15 CMC
Tennis Sarah Kukino 15 CMC
Tennis Nikolas Marino 15 CMC
Tennis Skyler Butts 16 CMC
Tennis Caroline Ward 16 CMC
Tennis Kathleen Kuosman 17 CMC
Tennis Daniel Morkovine 17 CMC
Tennis Lindsey Brown 18 CMC
Tennis Kyla Scott 18 HMC
Tennis Julian Gordy 19 CMC
Tennis Catherine Allen 20 Scripps
Tennis  Nicole Tan 20 CMC
Tennis Nikolai Parodi 20 CMC
Tennis Rebecca Berger 21 CMC
Tennis Caroline Cox 21 CMC
Tennis Sarah Bahsoun 22 CMC
Tennis Crystal Juan 22 Scripps
Tennis Sydney Lee 22 CMC
Tennis Jack Katzman 22 CMC
Tennis Robert Liu 22 CMC


Track & Field Wall of Fame
Sport(s) Name Class Coll.
Track & Field Stanton "Pete" Welsh 50 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Ed Laughton 62 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Pat Conroy 72 CMC
Track & Field Mike Leadbetter 80 HMC
Track & Field (XC) Mary Tracey 81 CMC
Track & Field Chris Robinson 83 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Cynthia Nagle 85 Scripps
Track & Field Chris Hickie 87 HMC
Track & Field Tia McMullen 88 Scripps
Track & Field Diane Silver 88 CMC
Track & Field Diane Christensen 89 CMC
Track & Field Mark Messana 89 CMC
Track & Field (XC) John Dennis 90 HMC
Track & Field (XC) Brian Barnes 92 CMC
Track & Field Bill Fulton 92 CMC
Track & Field Brian Hughes 92 CMC
Track & Field Ngozi Odogwu 92 CMC
Track & Field Jeremy Jurgens 93 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Brad Aagaard 94 HMC
Track & Field (XC) Jason Rhodes 94 HMC
Track & Field David Summers 94 HMC
Track & Field Michael Susank 94 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Matt Newman 96 HMC
Track & Field (Soccer) Allison Pinto 96 CMC
Track & Field Felix Wong 96 CMC
Track & Field Greg Arcenio 97 HMC
Track & Field Ryan Grover 97 CMC
Track & Field Alyson Ingham 97 CMC
Track & Field Megan Murphy 97 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Walter Voegtli 97 HMC
Track & Field Jennifer Culley 98 Scripps
Track & Field Sepehr Sharifi 99 CMC
Track & Field Tim Struse 99 CMC
Track & Field Jason Umhoefer 99 HMC
Track & Field (Soccer) Indira Odamtten 00 Scripps
Track & Field Kyna Powers 00 Scripps
Track & Field Carl Russell 00 HMC
Track & Field Amanda Brooks 01 CMC
Track & Field Tony Hawkins 01 CMC/HMC
Track & Field (XC) Blaine Hunt 01 CMC
Track & Field Shannon Buckley 02 CMC
Track & Field Kendall Grant 02 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Andrea Haver 02 CMC
Track & Field (XC) David Juiliano 02 CMC
Track & Field Lindsay Meskimen 02 CMC
Track & Field Danielle Neff 02 CMC
Track & Field Katie Ray 02 HMC
Track & Field Erin Robertson 02 Scripps
Track & Field Aaron Rubin 02 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Will Berriel 03 HMC
Track & Field Ryan Gibson 03 HMC
Track & Field (XC) Patrick McGrail 03 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Sarah Alaei 04 CMC
Track & Field John Bausch 04 CMC
Track & Field Ronda Blackwell 04 CMC
Track & Field Kevin Kam 04 CMC
Track & Field Kristina Orosz 04 HMC
Track & Field Scott Bennett 05 CMC
Track & Field Erica Melief 05 CMC
Track & Field Jorge De La Cruz 06 CMC
Track & Field Matt Roberson 06 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Kim Sonne 06 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Elizabeth Tedsen 06 CMC
Track & Field Alex Auerbach 07 CMC
Track & Field Breanne Diaz 07 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Dan Hayman 07 CMC
Track & Field Amy Heidbreder 07 CMC
Track & Field Lauren Hodill 07 CMC
Track & Field Ryan Martin 08 CMC
Track & Field Andrew Bogrand 09 CMC
Track & Field Jeff Clark 09 HMC
Track & Field Matt Ezer 09 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Kathleen Harris 09 Scripps
Track & Field (XC) Evelyn Ross 09 Scripps
Track & Field Warren Brown-Pounds 10 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Florian Scheulen 10 HMC
Track & Field Taylor Berliant 11 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Kris Brown 11 CMC
Track & Field Aubrey Doede 11 CMC
Track & Field Grant Heffernan 11 CMC
Track & Field Madeleine Miller 11 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Breanna Deutsch 12 Scripps
Track & Field Kelly Garton 12 Scripps
Track & Field Reny Colton 13 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Rafer Dannenhauer 13 HMC
Track & Field Chris Gage 13 HMC
Track & Field Rose Lewis 13 CMC
Track & Field (Diving) Carmen Lundell 13 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Bennett Naden 13 HMC
Track & Field (XC) Brian Sutter 13 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Allison Barnwell 14 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Jonathan Briskman 14 CMC
Track & Field Ellyn Erving 14 CMC
Track & Field Nick Hobbs 14 CMC
Track & Field Elan Bernstein 15 CMC
Track & Field Matt Espy 15 HMC
Track & Field (XC) Justin Jones 15 HMC
Track & Field (XC) Madison Knaub 15 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Sara Mostatabi 15 CMC
Track & Field Sam Perrella 15 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Kaitlyn Spees 15 Scripps
Track & Field (XC) Bridget Blum 16 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Zorg Loustalet 16 HMC
Track & Field (XC) Evan Molineux 16 CMC
Track & Field Alex Rich 16 CMC
Track & Field (XC) Jesse Joseph 17 HMC
Track & Field (XC) Rachel Mow 17 HMC
Track & Field (XC) Jennifer Lehr 17 Scripps
Track & Field (XC) Carmen Mejia 17 Scripps
Track & Field Vaiva Palunas 17 Scripps
Track & Field Tyra Abraham 18 Scripps
Track & Field Emily Bassett 18 CMC
Track & Field Ellen Berkeley 18 CMC
Track & Field Aiyanna Cameron-Lewis 18 CMC
Track & Field Brina Jablonski 18 CMC
Track & Field Lauren Stanislaw 18 Scripps
Track & Field Rebecca Stewart 18 Scripps
Track & Field (XC) Bryn McKillop 18 Scripps
Track & Field (XC) Kyleigh Mann 18 CMC
Track & Field Jacque Desmond 19 Scripps
Track & Field Sabrine Griffith 20 HMC
Track & Field Nirel JonesMitchell 20 CMC
Track & Field Amanda Mell 20 CMC
Track & Field Maxwell Knowles 20 CMC
Track & Field Reese Peterson 20 HMC
Track & Field Alex McDonald 21 CMC
Track & Field Connor Schulz 21 CMC
Track & Field Matthew Sill 21 CMC
Track & Field Jordan Venglass 21 CMC
Track & Field Grace Pratt 21 CMC
Track & Field Evan Hassman 22 HMC
Track & Field Tyson-Jay Saena 22 HMC
Track & Field Emily Clarke 22 Scripps
Track & Field Riley Harmon 22 Scripps
Track & Field Abigail Johnson 22 Scripps
Track & Field Meredith Bloss 23 HMC
Track & Field Caroline DelVecchio 23 Scripps
Track & Field Brooke Simon 23 CMC
Track & Field Miles Christensen 23 HMC
Track & Field Jamie Cockburn 23 CMC
Track & Field Truman Knowles 23 CMC
Track & Field Henry Pick 23 HMC
Track & Field Quincey Williams 23 CMC


Volleyball Wall of Fame
Sport(s) Name Class Coll.
Volleyball Martha Cobb 84 CMC
Volleyball Laurie Simonson 87 CMC
Volleyball (Basketball) Julia Hodgkins 88 Scripps
Volleyball Kirsten Smith 93 CMC
Volleyball Natalya Preiser 95 CMC
Volleyball Caroline Vlasis 97 CMC
Volleyball Cindy Maresso 98 CMC
Volleyball Dianna Turner 98 CMC
Volleyball Leanne Knight 00 CMC
Volleyball Regina Saulsbury 01 CMC
Volleyball Kacy Nekoba 04 CMC
Volleyball Emily Bennett 06 CMC
Volleyball Emily Hudson 12 CMC
Volleyball Taylor Jones 13 CMC
Volleyball Hilary Bruegl 14 CMC
Volleyball Megan Coleman 15 CMC
Volleyball Nicole Kerkhof 17 CMC
Volleyball Margaux Arntson 18 CMC
Volleyball Clara Madsen 18 CMC
Volleyball Mikena Werner 18 Scripps
Volleyball Phoebe Madsen 20 CMC
Volleyball Sarah Tritschler 20 CMC
Volleyball Melanie Moore 21 CMC
Volleyball Melanie Williams 22 CMC


Water Polo Wall of Fame
Sport(s) Name Class Coll.
Water Polo Frank Levins, III 64 CMC
Water Polo Bruce Argall 68 HMC
Water Polo (Swimming) Karl Graeber 69 CMC
Water Polo (Swimming) Richard Esterkin 73 CMC
Water Polo Rann Watumull 74 CMC
Water Polo Bob Clark, Jr. 75 CMC
Water Polo (Swimming) Jack Pearce 76 CMC
Water Polo Thomas Neff 77 CMC
Water Polo Scott Foerster 79 HMC
Water Polo Kenneth Heininger 80 CMC
Water Polo Paul Miller 81 CMC
Water Polo Mark Speciale 81 CMC
Water Polo William "Brad" Munroe 85 CMC
Water Polo Derek Emge 89 CMC
Water Polo (Swimming) Erik Jensen 89 CMC
Water Polo Adam Engelskirchen 90 CMC
Water Polo Chris Powell 93 CMC
Water Polo Beth Burkhart 94 CMC
Water Polo Trisha Seminoff 95 CMC
Water Polo Gary Barnes 96 CMC
Water Polo Anna Hewitson 97 Scripps
Water Polo Rodrigo Musiello 97 CMC
Water Polo David Farkas 98 CMC
Water Polo Cara Van Dias 98 CMC
Water Polo Darcy Burton 99 CMC
Water Polo Sarah Woodman 99 Scripps
Water Polo Chris Seib 00 HMC
Water Polo Lili Akin 02 HMC
Water Polo (Swimming) Lauren Williams 02 CMC
Water Polo Matthew Kushnir 03 CMC
Water Polo Tara McGuire 03 CMC
Water Polo Tim Birdsong 04 CMC
Water Polo Jillian Kurvers 05 CMC
Water Polo Kerry Henley 06 Scripps
Water Polo Anne Richardson 06 CMC
Water Polo Matt Milich 07 CMC
Water Polo (Swimming) Lisal Smith 07 CMC
Water Polo Kristin Orkney 08 CMC
Water Polo Andrew Zepfel 08 CMC
Water Polo (Swimming) Kendall Snyder 09 CMC
Water Polo Xande Wright 09 CMC
Water Polo Ryan Anderson 10 CMC
Water Polo Abigayle Lin 10 CMC
Water Polo Abigail Woodruff 11 CMC
Water Polo Brian Baier 13 CMC
Water Polo Greg Mann 13 CMC
Water Polo Candace Filippelli 14 CMC
Water Polo John Holland 14 CMC
Water Polo Allison Hu 15 CMC
Water Polo James Kelly 15 CMC
Water Polo Mark Nietzel 15 CMC
Water Polo Daniel Cogan 16 CMC
Water Polo John "Tanner" Cullen 16 CMC
Water Polo Alexander Waggoner 17 CMC
Water Polo Jessica Gaffney 18 CMC
Water Polo Roxy Kiessling 18 CMC
Water Polo Arcaelia Aldrete 20 CMC
Water Polo Zack Rossman 20 CMC
Water Polo Ethan Lewis 20 CMC
Water Polo Amelia Ayala 21 CMC
Water Polo Anna Fry 21 HMC
Water Polo Sam Harrison 22 CMC
Water Polo Will Clark 22 CMC
Water Polo Noah Smith 22 HMC
Water Polo Christina Kulick 23 CMC


Wrestling Wall of Fame
Sport(s) Name Class Coll.
Wrestling Bob Keatley 70 CMC
Wrestling Jim Wilkes 71 HMC
Wrestling David Clarke 72 CMC
Wrestling Mark Buchanan 74 CMC
Wrestling John Lucas 74 CMC
Wrestling Jonathan Kurohara 80 CMC
Wrestling Cody Smith 80 CMC
Wrestling Eric Ifune 81 CMC
Wrestling Phillip Wilson 81 CMC
Wrestling Scott Graeser 83 CMC