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Mascot Request Form

Please fill out the CMS Athletics Mascot Request Form in its entirety at least ONE WEEK prior to your event and or usage of the mascot(s)

Brian Smith, CMS athletic equipment manager, will handle all approvals for mascot usage. Any questions about usage, pick up, and or drop off and issues with the costumes such as rips, breaks, misplaced or stolen pieces can also be directed to him at

Policies and Procedures for Use of the CMS Athletics Mascots.

  1. You are responsible for the Mascot(s) and its accessories from the time you check it out, to the time you return them.
  2. You are required to pick the mascot(s) up and their accessories no later than 1 day before your event. This is coordinated by Brian Smith, CMS Athletic Equipment Manager.  Mascot(s) are kept in the Equipment Room on the Arena Level of Roberts Pavilion.
  3. At no point should the mascot(s) be used for anything other than the event they are signed out for.
  4. There shall be no alcohol, drugs, and or other illegal substances used while in the costumes or outside of the event that the costumes are used for.
  5. You are required to wear appropriate attire while using the Mascot(s) at the event.  No alterations will be made to the mascot(s) at any time.
  6. If at any time, the mascot(s) costumes and or accessories are damaged while in your possession, you or your department will be responsible for the cost of repairing the damaged item(s)
  7. While in costume, at sporting events, or other scheduled events there shall be no fighting with other mascots, people etc.
  8. While you are in costume, you are asked to maintain absolute professionalism, as you are an extension of the CMS Athletic Department.
  9. You are required to return the mascot(s) and their accessories no later than 1 day after your event has ended unless your event is on the weekend then the mascot(s) shall be returned the next business day.

Any violation(s) of these above policies will result in the termination of use of the mascot(s).

** Click Here to fill out the CMS Athletics Mascot Request Form **

If you have any questions about the above policies and procedures, please contact Brian Smith, Athletic Equipment Manager: