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Mission Statement

The Claremont Mudd Scripps Athletic Equipment Department is dedicated to providing the best in customer service, professionalism and creating the utmost positive experience to its student-athletes, coaches and staff. All facets of equipment: fitting, issuance, retention, inventory, maintenance and laundry will be held at the highest standard. The Athletic Equipment staff is here to assist the administration, coaches and student athletes on a daily basis to help provide a "World Class Experience". The Athletic Equipment staff will adhere to all NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment), NCAA, SCIAC rules and regulations when dealing with all equipment. The CMS Athletic Equipment staff are expected to maintain the highest standard of excellence at all times

CMS Athletic Equipment Department Staff

Brian J. Smith E.M.,C

Certified Athletic Equipment Manager

Roberts Pavilion, Room A28

Office Direct: 909-607-4210


Policy and Procedures

Hours of Service

The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 6:30 pm during the academic year unless otherwise posted. Hours on weekends and outside the academic calendar are established based upon the needs of the individual sport programs. Counter Services begin at 9:00am 

Athletic Equipment Issuance

In accordance with Claremont Mudd Scripps Athletic Policy, Southern California Intercollegiate Conference rules and NCAA rules, intercollegiate athletics will provide athletic equipment and clothing for all student-athletes participating in an athletic program. Upon receipt of a final roster from the Head Coach, the Athletic Equipment Room will issue Athletic Gear and lockers to each athlete

Athletic Equipment Return

The return of athletic equipment issued by the Athletic Equipment Room from the Student-Athlete will occur within 14 days of completion of the last competition date ( e.g., end of season, End of NCAA Post season play,  player is dismissed from roster.) If Athletic Equipment is not returned to the Athletic Equipment Room within this 14 day period, the athletic equipment manager will submit requests to the student accounts office and the CMS Business Manager to place holds on the student account delaying graduation, release of diploma, grades etc. This hold will be lifted once the Student-Athlete has returned the missing equipment, and or paid missing charges (Special circumstances will be determined by the Athletic Equipment Manager and Athletics Business Manager).


Laundry loops will be distributed to each student-athlete to facilitate laundering of practice gear and affiliated athletic apparel. The equipment room will only wash those items, department issued and personal, that were worn for practice or contest related activities.

College issued apparel worn for practice and competition must be returned to the equipment room immediately after each practice or competition for laundering. To maintain uniform integrity, all competition uniforms must be returned for laundering by the student-athlete, regardless of whether or not they competed. If items cannot be returned immediately following practice or contests, the competition worn articles must be returned before practice the following day. Student-athletes, relatives or friends are not permitted to launder uniforms on their own. Coaching staff will be responsible for laundering services when individuals/teams are away from campus for an extended length of time (e.g. spring break tourney, NCAA championships, etc.).

Embroidery and Screen Printing

A CMS Logo Brand Manual is available and it clearly shows the direction of the Claremont Mudd Scripps Athletic Department and how logos are to be used. Any new use of a logo must be approved by the Claremont Mudd Scripps Athletic Department and the Office of Public Affairs at Claremont Mckenna College. All embroidery and screen-printing items must go through the CMS Athletic Equipment Department. The Head Athletic Equipment Manager will work with their coaches and staff to decide logo, logo placement, and design before sending out any items. The CMS Athletic Equipment Department requires art proofs and mock ups before any production begins to make sure that there are no mistakes.

Once art is approved, production of the garments will begin. At no time should a coach or staff member go to the embroiderer or screen printer without prior approval from the CMS Athletic Equipment Department. As items come back from embroidery, they will be stored in the athletic equipment room and issued as needed. 

Ordering Policies

All equipment and apparel orders are to go through the CMS Athletic Equipment Department unless arrangements have made with the Head Athletic Equipment Manager.  Coaches are to contact and submit orders to the Head Athletic Equipment Manager for process. The Head Athletic Equipment Manager will fill out the necessary paperwork and process the order with the vendor and CMS Business Manager. Coaches and staff that have received approval to order equipment themselves are required to submit the orders to the Head Athletic Equipment Manager.

All product that is ordered is to be shipped to the Roberts Pavilion Athletic Equipment Department. The CMS Athletic Equipment Staff will then inventory the product against packing slips, and the original order forms to verify that all products were received is correct and ready to be entered into the computer inventory program. Orders that are placed by staff and or coaches will also need to be sent to the Athletic Equipment Room to be entered into the online inventory program and the Head Athletic Equipment Manager will confirm with the head coach that their equipment arrived and everything was accounted for. 

Shipping and Receiving

All items are to be delivered to the Equipment Room and inventoried prior to distribution. The Head Athletic Equipment Manager is responsible for completing the required receiving report, inventory documentation and proper storage of all equipment. Immediately upon receipt, all goods are to be verified to ensure that all components are received in good condition and proper quantity. Receiving Reports are sent immediately to the Business Manager to insure timely payment of accounts.

All Athletic Product(s) are to be shipped to:

Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Athletics
C/O Brian Smith
690 N Mills Ave
Claremont, CA 91711

Sizing Charts

Deadlines to submit sizing charts: 

Fall Sports: July 15 Winter Sports: September 15 Spring Sports: December 15 All Staff: July 15

A Few Reminders:

Actual athletic gear provided will be based on availability of sizes requested.

Personal ID refers to your school ID # (202,303,401…). If you encounter an error message, please email with a screenshot of your error, and please include your student ID number.

For combined MW sizing charts, please respond to the sizes that pertain to you, please use N/A for sizes that do not pertain to you.

Organizational Sizes:

Please fill out the CMS Athletics T-Shirt size accordingly, these are unisex sizing and will be handed out at the Athletics Convocation.

If you are a second year athlete, please input a size for your 2nd year awards fleece, you will also be able to try on the fleece when you pick up your athletic equipment.

Sizing Charts
Fall Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports
Cross Country (M/W) Swimming & Diving (M/W) Track & Field
Women's Soccer Men's Basketball Water Polo
Women's Volleyball Women's Basketball Softball
Men's Soccer    Women's Golf
Water Polo    Men's Golf
    Women's Lacrosse
    Men's Tennis
    Women's Tennis
  Department Staff  

CMS Brand Manual & Logo Guidelines

If you are an authorized vendor of CMS or one of its teams, please contact Brian Smith ( for the user name and password for the secure logo page.

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