Matt Mulligan
Matt Mulligan
  • Year:
  • Hometown:
    Santa Rosa, CA
  • High School:
  • Major:
    Applied Math & Biophysics
  • College:
    Claremont McKenna


Matthew Mulligan hopes to one day achieve his biggest dream: to tip the scale at over 400 pounds. This will appear feasible once he regains the freshman 15. And the sophomore 15.  And perhaps another sixteen 15’s.

A one-time steeplechaser, Matt’s career was immediately halted upon learning the wearing of floaties constituted an NCAA violation.  To compensate, he proposed the addition of goggles and flippers.  Unfortunately, the leading officials of USATF were not kind to their non-webfooted friends.

An applied mathematics-biophysics major, Matt recently began research examining the physiological effects of VDOT training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Despite a glowing endorsement from teammate Kevin Huang, he remains skeptical that evaluations of oxygen intake and running economy primarily determine running speed. Rather, he believes the secret to success lies in covering his head.  At the very least, it gives him something to hang his hat on.