Noah Nevens
Noah Nevens
  • Year:
  • Hometown:
    Temecula, CA
  • High School:
    Great Oak
  • College:
    Harvey Mudd


Noah Nevens was born in 57 BBY on the planet Stewjon to a human family. As an infant, his power with the force was realized, and he was taken to the Jedi Temple in Coruscant to begin his training. He originally trained with Master Yoda, alongside a group of Jedi Initiates. Nevens was arrogant and impatient, but his skills as a Jedi grew at a rapid rate enabling him to run a 14:42 at the Woodbridge Invitational. As time went on, Noah was assigned to be the Padawan of Master Qui Gon Jinn. Jinn initially declined training Nevens. But eventually the two ended up both being present on Bandomeer, in which the two had no choice but to work together to help young Nevens to run a 1:57 800 meters. There, Noah Nevens proved himself to Qui Gon by running a 4:20 1600.  Noah Looks forward to working with the Jedi Master Goldhammer this fall. He will major in Intergalactic Studies.     

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