Brooks MacDonald
Brooks MacDonald
  • Year:
  • Hometown:
    Lafayette, CO
  • High School:
  • Major:
    Mathematical and Computational Biology
  • College:
    Harvey Mudd


I'm a senior Mathematical and Computational Biology major at Harvey Mudd. This is because I want to actually challenge myself academically at this stupefyingly easy school.

I'm from Colorado and before you ask I don't ski or snowboard. I like friction, alright?

My 8k PR is technically 26:38 even though TFRRS says it's 25:52. You decide who to believe. I, personally, choose to believe TFRRS.

I'm the second most athletic person living in my dorm room next year and am in charge of a stuffed stag named Carl.

Finally, I've been told by writing professors not to start one's final paragraph with "finally," but they have no power here. mwahahahaha.

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