Rafael Burger
Rafael Burger
  • Year:
  • Hometown:
    Belmont, MA
  • High School:
  • Major:
  • College:
    Harvey Mudd


Rafael is a freshman at Harvey Mudd from Belmont, Massachusetts, and he hopes to major in engineering in order to satiate his passions for creativity within STEM.  His interest in Harvey Mudd was widely uninfluenced by any plans to run in college, in fact, he only realized that it was possible for him to run at Mudd during admitted students weekend, just a few weeks before he committed. Although he got somewhat of a late start, beginning to run seriously during his highschool sophomore year, he took to running with a vigor, and can now be seen running daily by neighbors and friends and really anyone who looks out their window in the boston area. 

400m: 51.3
600m: 1:27.17
800m: 1:58.68
1000m: 2:39.7
5k: 16:47