Stevie Steinberg
Stevie Steinberg
Year: Jr.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
High School: Cleveland
Major: Engineering
College: Harvey Mudd

Stevie hails from the San Fernando Valley, the best valley in the U.S. Although he had to spend 90+% of his summer miles on sidewalks the running in his hometown is great, and no one can tell him differently. He has a unique ability to enjoy things that other people around him don't tend to like: the Los Angeles Angels, ketchup with carrots, and running. Stevie is easily recognized in the wild by his blue workout clothes, unimaginative haircut, or frequent shirtlessness. If he's not shirtless, he's probably sweaty. It's really one or the other in his life.

In his spare time, he loves to have cats and to not have practice or math homework - good thing he goes to Harvey Mudd! If anyone reading this is a competitor, please send a chocolate cake to Stevie and he will gladly weaken himself. On an unrelated note, Stevie wants to exceed expectations this year by accomplishing a "freshman 50" instead of the usual "freshman 15". Please help him on this journey; the CMS program keeps burning all of his calories away. Nonetheless, he wants to burn calories for them for all four years of his college career.