CMS Athletics Recruiting Video: 3 Colleges, 2 Mascots, 1 Spirit

Jun 20, 2014
(Video created in 2014) - Three colleges, two mascots, one spirit. Welcome to CMS Athletics, home of the Stags & Athenas. CMS is the abbreviation for the Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, and Scripps Colleges athletics program, which means our teams are a blend of student-athletes from three of the five elite undergraduate institutions of the Claremont Consortium. A potential Stag or Athena knows academics come first. They're intellectually curious, and a robust, well-rounded liberal arts education is important to them. But they're also looking for impressive facilities, accomplished coaches, and driven, hard-working, highly successful teams. CMS athletes want to be good at everything they do, whether it's in class or on the court. Find out more about CMS Athletics from some of our coaches and student-athletes by watching this video.